Heart of the neighbourhood

Documentary / 25 min / 2020
Work in Post-Production stage

Brazil, Mexico, USA

The term “gentrification” was coined in 1964 by British sociologist Ruth Glass, with respect to the processes through which a population is driven out of its neighborhood to bring in more affluent people.
Gentrification has become a driver of change in our cities. There is an underlying major goal: A class-discriminatory reconstruction of urban centers. A struggle for physical, political and symbolic space.
We have accompanied and documented urban dispossession processes in Mexico City, New York and Rio de Janeiro to provide a continental panorama by comparing local cases.


Guión, Dirección y Fotografía:
Cucho Ramírez Sagredo

Asistencia Brasil y Sonido Directo:
Aarón Cadena Ovalle

Producción periodística Brasil:
Jessica Santos Souza, Benjamin Potet, Macarena Soto

Producción periodística, Sonido y Asistencia gral. E.E.U.U:
Manuel Ferrera y Celia Novis – Somiant Productions

Producción periodística México:
Alejandro Reyes

Producción Argentina:
María Laura Vásquez

Diseño Gráfico:
Carlos Barreda Izquierdo

Post-Producción Sonido:
Manu Manzano – Estudios La Panadería

Post-Producción Imagen:
Elena Viracocha

Gentrification is associated to deteriorated urban areas and expands by different means: disinvestment, large city redevelopment events, tourism, real estate speculation…
Social costs are not taken into account, and their appearance does not mean the reduction of urban problems but their concealment.

This tape shows economic segregation in the city and conflicting community struggles. A majority community force can act against a classist transformation of the city.
Many small movements are clamoring for respect and participation as citizens and members of the community, without resigning themselves to the commercial view of their neighborhoods and therefore their lives. Representatives of these neighborhoods, as well as geographers, sociologists, urban developers or artists provide a background to the problem and its possible solutions.
We look for human similarities between structurally different countries.