K’altik zapatista

Documentary / 60 min / 2017


K’altik, in the Tzotzil indigenous language means the milpa: the cornfield. The milpa is a Central American traditional crop system based on planting several plant species together to benefit one another.
Based on the symbolism of this system, the documentary K’altik Zapatista -The Zapatista milpa- brings us to Chiapas 22 years after the rising of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN), to show how some of the seeds sown back then have blossomed and served as inspiration for the struggles that have ensued since.

Producción ejecutiva:
Víctor Ramírez Sagredo

Guión, Dirección y Fotografía:
Cucho Ramírez Sagredo

Cucho Ramírez Sagredo
Christopher Ocampo

Sonido Directo:
Aarón Cadena Ovalle
Larissa Balinge Estevas

Textos y Locución:
Alejandro Reyes

Post Producción Sonido:
Manu Manzano
Martín Gamarra
Estudios La Panadería

Post  Producción Imagen:
Alixe Lobato
Elena Aparicio

Diseño Gráfico:
Carlos Barreda

Giovanni Proietti
Promedios de Comunicación comunitaria
Koman Ilel
Archivo Foto:
Vicente Kramsky
Andalucía Knoll
John Gibler
Oriana Eliçaba
David Valdez

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This documentary takes us on a journey through the most indigenous and discriminated against state of the 32 Mexican states, where we will meet several communities, groups and individuals Adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. In this manifesto, the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) invited people to bring change, each from their own place and in their own way but with a common direction against a system that is suffocating the life of generations of people throughout the planet.
This call was immediately received and adopted in multiple spaces in Chiapas. These are people who adopted, carried on and reinforced the Zapatista ideals with their own struggles and in their own way.

The documentary also provides a brief history of the EZLN, placing it within a historical context in order to contrast the current validity of their proposals.