Stories in brief
A selection of stories related as short articles, with different perspectives and styles, for different audiences and distribution channels.
  • For the family of Eloísa Vega Castro

    Video expressing condolence for the family of comrade Eloísa Vega Castro, who passed away in the accident of the Council of Indigenous Peoples caravan during its journey through Baja California. Recorded in ceremonies to her memory in Baja California and Mexico City.
    Thanks to Ivan Martínez for the sound during the ceremony on the beaches of Tijuana.

    360º Production: Cucho Ramirez

  • Family forcefully displaced from Banavil

    More than six years in a situation of forced displacement for 19 Tzeltal people from Banavil, Tenejapa, Chiapas A story told by the voices of the López Girón family. These men and women are still demanding justice and claiming their right to rebuild their lives on their land as indigenous communities, demanding justice on the aggression that displaced them and from which their father Alonso López is still missing.

    Production: Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Centre
    for Human Rights (Frayba), Radio Zapatista
    360º Video: Cucho Ramirez

  • Anniversary of Antonia López Méndez, Banavil

    Antonia López Méndez, a girl that had been missing for three years due to forced displacement, returned dead on 23 February 2015 to her home in Banavil, Tenejapa, Chiapas. She was a victim to the conditions that forced her to live in conditions of extreme poverty and torn away from her roots. Her family came back to see her only briefly because the group that displaced them on 4 December 2011 is still in the village and they have no guaranteed safety for a definitive return. Her mother María shares her pain for Antonia. She tells of the journey of suffering caused by the forced displacement in her native Tzeltal tongue.

    Production: Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Centre
    for Human Rights (Frayba).
    360º Video: Cuchoo Ramirez

  • Augusta park organisation

    A journalistic chronicle on the protection of a historical green space in Sao Paulo.

    360º Production : Cucho Ramírez

  • Chords - Chandra Lacombe

    A testimony from the well known Brazilian musician on the origins of music.

    360º Production: Cucho Ramírez

  • Terra Ronca

    A visit to the millenarian caves of Terra Ronca, in the state of Goiás in the center of Brazil.

    360º Production : Cucho Ramírez

  • Tina and the lovers of Teruel

    Trailer for the children’s documentary on the legend of the Lovers of Teruel. English version.

    Camera operators: Cucho Ramirez and Fermín Lizarraga
    Editing: Cucho Ramirez

  • Common Ceremony

    An unprecedented ceremony brings together the Wixaritari (Huichol) and catholic world views. The goal is a common fight to defend the land they share, which is threatened by several extraction projects. The affected communities denounce the situation.

    360º Producción: Cucho Ramírez

  • Chanti Ollin eviction and gentrification of Mexico City

    Reporting the case of the eviction of Chanti Ollin, the first squatted building of Mexico City, and an appeal to the forum ‘the City of those at the bottom’ to discuss the issue of urban pillage in the capital and the growing gentrification.

    360º Production: Cucho Ramírez
    Archive: Chanti Ollin.