Resistance in the capitalist city

Documentary / 30 min / 2015


Cities all around the world are giving in to speculation and the abandonment of housing protection policies. Services become privatized and geared towards profit and public spaces become privately owned. Residents left at the mercy of a city-business.
The popular struggles of Sao Paulo are one example of urban resistance. Resistance for the right to adequate housing and against the privatization of public spaces. Organization, courage and creativity in the struggle against a neoliberal city model.


Guión, Dirección y Fotografía:
Cucho Ramírez Sagredo

Irlanda Tambascio Waine

Asistencia Brasil y Sonido Directo:

Aarón Cadena Ovalle

Producción periodística:
Jessica Santos Souza
Benjamin Potet
Macarena Soto

Diseño Gráfico:
Nika Santos

Fausto Pototo
Bombay Groovy

In the years coming up to 2010 Brazil was going through an economic boom that attracted international investors. Most of this investment was poured into the real estate market, due to certain legal incentives that were in place. The housing stock increased, which was necessary, but there was also a huge increase in speculation. Coupled with the low salaries and the rise in rent prices, there was an increase in evictions and homelessness.
At the same time Brazilian construction companies experienced the greatest growth in their history, three of them reaching the top three positions in profitability of the entire American continent, including the US.

Several groups got organized to stand up to the war against citizens, clamoring for fair access to housing and the possibility of coexistence in the streets and public spaces that is not entirely regulated by economic interests, through massive occupations, assembly-based and horizontal organization, presence in the streets and all kinds of protests.

A city co-created by meetings between its neighbors, a city in which to share, that generates autonomous areas, and which is the result of the struggles of its community.
In short, a more humanized urban life.